How to use a Bolt Cutter?

Posted by Angela Harris on March 25, 2017 in Useful Tips | Short Link

Bolt Cutter is one of the best power hand tools in 2017 for personal as well as for construction work. It is a handy tool but you need to follow safety concerns when using this dangerous tool. You should know what you going to do to keep you as safe and people around you to prevent from injury.

How to use a Bolt Cutter

In this article, we have provided you some tips to follow while using this to make your job easy and safe.

Adjust the tool before you work: Bolt cutters need an adjustment before you start your work. It also helps to make your work accurate and safe. A bolt of the tool is located at the head of a cutter and adjust the tool correctly to get the exact work. Adjust the tool according to your work and user manuals will guide you to adjust safely.

Use oil for Hinges: The more power for bolt comes from the hinge and lubricate it each time properly before you use this cutter. If the hinges are oiled, it will move freely and also allow you to cut accurately. If the bolt is not lubricated properly then you may have jagged cut and makes strain on your muscles.

Protective Cloth: You should wear protective clothing when using these kinds of tools to cut sharp edges. And also wear gloves to protect your hands from both cutters and blade. It also protects from sharp edges during the process of cutting. You should also wear pants, long sleeves, eyewear and protective face mask.

Handle Carefully: By looking at the tool we say it is not dangerous one and it may look bulky but is a very serious tool if you are not handling them properly. Avoid checking the blade sharpness by fingers on edges but check cutting using other materials.

Dull Blades:
Dull knife of these tools are very dangerous than a sharper one. For the new users, they need more force for cutting which leads them in strains.

Bolt cutters are not a hammer: If you are designed a tool to do specific work makes sure you are using for that job only. Don’t try to use it as a hammer which increases a chance to hit you. By look, you may teach it is easy to convert into hammer but it is difficult to do.

Handle Length: The cutter handle length is always specific and does not change them because it may lead injury. So you can buy a pair which designed like this with different length in a handle.

Consider these tips while using bolt cutters and I hope it will be the best hammer reviews.

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